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It’s good to be back on Word Press and writing another Blog.  John and I are working on our next CD which has many traditional songs such as, Over the Hills and Far Away, Morning Has Broken and the Female Highway Man.  We’re also including original songs with mystical inspiration. 

We’re also asking our friends to take just a moment of their time to go to our website and click ‘LIKE’ on the Facebook button on the home page.  It will help us in the search engines and raise awareness of our music to a broader public.  As independent musicians – getting the word out is always an issue.  We appreciate your help.


I am on FB often and if you would like to be friends please look me up!  Gretchen Cornwall!  Or also look up World Tree Music and click ‘LIKE’ there as well to stay in touch more often!

We will be making announcements soon regarding Christmas/Solstice concerts!  Stay tuned!  Please listen to sound samples from our Solstice CD – digital downloads available too!

Love and Light to you all,




John and I are looking forward to our next two dates at the Broadstairs Bandstand in Kent England on the Isle of Thanet.

We start at 2:30 PM and it is free!  Join us on August 4th and 18th…

We’ll be playing traditional songs and original from our two CDs’ – She Walks In Beauty and The Rose Line.

We’ll also be playing new songs from our two future CDs which we hope will be out in the autumn and winter respectively.  Morning Has Broken, The Curragh of Kildare and Pastime With Good Company are some of our favorites to perform

 So come meet us and please sing along!  There is a lovely kiosk where you may buy tea-coffee-cool drinks and ice cream!  Broadstairs is such a beautiful historic sea-side town that the whole family can enjoy all day!

John and Gretchen Cornwall

I’ve just updated our website to include a Partners page to honour the people we have worked with for varying projects.  John and I never wanted World Tree Music to stand alone and are happy to include the work of artistic friends and valuable societal causes on our site.  We’ve even included a link to our good friend Christine Bode of Scully Love who is a wonderful Social Media Manager and has helped us navigate through the mysteries of Face Book.

If you are looking for a good summer read please consider the novel by Anne Fallas The Earth Changes  A British ex-pat living in France for the last 12 years she has woven her personal experience into this thoughtful story.  The ensemble cast search for their place in the world and the key to their hearts by moving to the verdant countryside of France.  While restoring Temple House the main characters meet a mysterious figure with unearthly abilities.  Anne is able to weave principles of quantum mechanics into a fictional page turner.  She is currently writing a second book due to the success of the first.

John and I hope that your summer is warm, friendly and restful.  Please let your friends know about us – being an independent musician is not easy but it is gratifying.  We hope to tell tales rooted in the past but with an ever present nod to the now.  Please support live music and independent musicians to keep the rich tapestry of culture alive.

I’d be very happy to have you sign up for our email version of this blog as it is free for us to run.  Newsletters are costly, so free is a good word!  Keep in touch so that we may let you know of upcoming concerts, video releases and new CDs!

Love and Light to you and yours,


Welcome to our first blog on Word Press!
John and I hope you will subscribe to our blog by asking to be updated by email or subscription.  As we are independent artists it means a great deal to us that this service is free, unlike email newsletter services which become prohibitive the larger the contact list.  So, thank you very much in advance for choosing to keep up with us here.

We’ve recently had the great privilege to collaborate with Celestial Elf, a short film animator of great imagination and mystical expression.  We’ve felt that the visuals expressed in the animation has been a wonderful compliment to our sound which is based in the realm of fantasy – or as we prefer to think of it – our alternate realm where we spend a great deal of our time!

Celestial Elf

Our three recent videos with this talented film maker may be viewed on our video page:

You may follow Celestial Elf on his own blog at –

Of course digital downloads are available of all our songs heard in the animated videos at

I’m looking forward to this new grand adventure with you!

Best of Wishes and Light – Gretchen